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The Haven + London is a place where creatives and media practitioners can come together, explore their spirituality, be inspired as well as inspire others. People of all faiths – and none – and backgrounds are welcome. We are an entrepreneurial enterprise between the creative community and the Church of England. While we move towards our ultimate goal of providing a permanent location, our first step is a series of social media and pop-up events as well as one-to-one support through pastoral care, counseling, events and workshops. In a frantic world, it’s a place for creatives of all kinds to relax, recharge, be authentic, and find meaning, purpose and direction. Here are some testimonials:

“I went through quite a tough time a few months back with a divorce and heavy stress levels at work. This led to the use of drugs and worrying dependence on alcohol. The Haven + London helped me see the positive things in my life and I’m now mentally and physically stronger then ever.”

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