Spiritually Healthy Creativity

Diocese of London Creative Arts Event hosted in partnership with The Haven + London
Date: Saturday 21 st October 2017
Location: St Mellitus College, 24 Collingham Road, London, SW5 0LX
Keynote Speakers: Murray Watts and Karen Covell

The Diocese of London, in partnership with The Haven + London, are hosting a day event on the Creative Arts. Covering topics such as, ‘how to flourish as a creative artist’ and ‘how to support the creative mind as a church,’ the event will be looking at creativity and flourishing from a spiritual and psychological perspective. This event seeks to equip both artist and church to flourish in Spiritually Healthy Creativity.


Keynote speakers:


Karen Covell
‘How to support the creative mind as a church.’

As an independent Producer of JC Productions and the Founding Director of Hollywood Prayer Network, Karen produces films and television specials. She also speaks and teaches around the US and internationally on how people of faith can pray for the people in the entertainment industry.

She is currently in development for the feature film Charley Parkhurst and is a National Board member of the Producers Guild of America. She is also the co-author of three books: How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out, The J Bomb (the updated version) and The Day I Met God. She is a graduate of USC in Theatre Producing. She loves capturing the hearts of people and inspiring them to change their world.

Karen will be hosting a workshop on The importance of personal prayer for the artist.’


Murray Watts
How to Flourish as a Creative.

Murray Watts is the Founder and Director of The Wayfarer Trust, a charity based from Freswick Castle in Scotland that ‘works with people in the arts and media to provide strong encouragement and powerful creative and spiritual inspiration.’ A well-known British playwright and screenwriter, Murray is the author of more than a dozen books, including The Miracle Maker, and the screenwriter for the film of the same name, featuring Ralph Fiennes and Julie Christie.

Watts was a co-founder of Riding Lights Theatre Company. With his company, Wayfarer Productions, Watts recently launched three new theatre productions which appeared to wide acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including Mr. Darwin’s Tree, The Kiss and First Light. All three plays transferred to the King’s Head Theatre London.

Murray will be hosting a workshop on Creative and Spiritual Freedom.


Sara Schumacher
‘Renewing Your Mind: Reimagining the Spiritual Disciplines in a Digital Age’

Dr Sara Schumacher is Tutor and Lecturer in Theology & the Arts at St Mellitus College. Sara studied at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (University of St Andrews) and completed a doctorate on contemporary church patronage of the visual arts.

While at St Andrews, Sara co-founded and served as editor-in- chief of Transpositions, an award-winning website that publishes articles related to art and theology. Prior to postgraduate work, Sara trained and worked as a graphic designer in a variety of professional settings and continues to enjoy all things art-related.

Sara will be hosting a workshop on ‘Renewing Your Mind: Reimagining the Spiritual Disciplines in a Digital Age.’

They say digital technology is changing our minds, literally. What does this mean for us as humans, as artists? What does the renewal of our minds in this new age look like? In this seminar, Sara will help us re-imagine the age-old spiritual disciplines for life in a digital world. Drawing on the work of theologians as well as sociologists, she will explore the points of intersections, divergence and how artists might contribute to the flourishing of all.

Workshop leaders:


Peterson Feital
‘Living with the Creative Temperament’
Rev Peterson is the Missioner to the Creative Industries for London Diocese. Due to his personality and influence in bringing together a number of projects in the arts, film, fashion and advertising worlds he is known among the creatives as “The Show Biz Rev”.

In his career, he has accumulated a number of awards on entrepreneurship and mission. He is the founder of The Haven+London which supports creatives who are struggling in London. He is also part of the London Diocese Creative Network and has recently become part of the National Panel for the Church of England for Pioneers where he advises on strategies, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is doing a PhD on ‘Theology of Fashion’ at Kings College London.

Peterson will be hosting a workshop on ‘Living with the Creative Temperament.’

According to a variety of recent pop and academic publications, it seems that being a creative means having a “type” of temperament that often feels misunderstood. Rev Peterson Feital proposes a shift in how the church should change this dialogue. In this workshop he will share his own journey of being a creative in a church, with the pain and the liberation to be free to express who you are. Part of this workshop is to take you on the journey of the birth of The Haven +London, the first charity dedicated specifically to the Creative Industries that has come out of his post at London Diocese, and its mission to provide emotional, spiritual, and practical support to empower the creative community to flourish and thrive. 


Alastair Gordon
‘Signs of Faith in Contemporary Art’
Alastair Gordon is a London based artist and lecturer. He serves on the leadership team of his local church, Christ Church Earlsfield. He received his BA Hons at Glasgow School of Art (2002) and MA from Wimbledon School of Art, London (2012). After graduating he was awarded the Departure Arts residency in east London where he went on to establish Husk Gallery with London City Mission.

Alastair also lectures in painting at universities and art schools in the UK and is course leader for the professional practice graduate programme at the Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. He is co-founder of the Morphē Arts Trust, a mentoring charity for Christians in the Arts, and writes for various publications on contemporary painting and the place of faith in art. His second book, God Art, was published earlier this year.

Alastair will be hosting a workshop on ‘Signs of Faith in Contemporary Art.’

In recent years there has been a growing interest in questions of religion in contemporary art. Is it just a passing fad or signs of renewed faith in art? This series of reflections offers an insider’s perspective on the ongoing discussion between faith and art. Alastair Gordon is an artist and co-founder of Morphē Arts, a mentoring charity for Christians in the Arts. He also lectures in painting and professional practice at various art schools around the UK. In this lecture Alastair will share from his own experiences as a practising artist and offer encouragement to other Christians seeking to serve Christ in the professional creative arts.