The Wilderness Project – Opening 29th March 2021


The Wilderness Project is an exhibition, presented by The Haven + London, which will showcase the work of a diverse group of artists reflecting on the experience of life in lockdown during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Using the story of Jesus’ experience in the Wilderness as the catalyst, the exhibition will explore those moments when all sense of self, social identities and notions of value and stability break down. Contributing artists come from a variety of faith backgrounds and world views and the work on display includes the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences of lockdown and wilderness time through a range of media including painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and performance work.  

Presented online, the exhibition will provide a space for viewers to reflect on their own experience of the wilderness year we have all been through, asking questions about how we have changed as individuals and as a society, how have we struggled? What has sustained us? And who are we now as we look with hope towards the easing of restrictions?  

Artwork will be available to bid on from 29th March – 13th May with selected prints available to purchase from 29th March. Please go to our exhibition website for more details.

Enter the Wilderness Project

Photography – David Hogan

About the venue

The exhibition venue, St Pancras Church, in the heart of London is an historic setting and the contemporary art works will be curated in dialogue with this remarkable building, including the sanctuary area and crypt. 

As well as the art itself there will also be online and physical resources to enable personal reflection and meditation on these issues and experiences as well as stories told by the artists themselves about the challenges and opportunities that come with being a creative practitioner during a global pandemic.


Emerging Artists Scheme

The Haven + London is focussed on artist’s welfare and so, in parallel with the exhibition we will also be showcasing and supporting young artists from diverse backgrounds as part of our emerging artists programme: enabling them to tell their stories and encouraging them in their creative life.


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