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Someone who will be with you and won’t expect to be entertained!

Everything we do supports and strengthens creative people to address and navigate the challenges and issues that stop them from realising their potential. The core benefits we deliver for creatives are:

  • Community and belonging rooted in shared experience

  • Self-acceptance and belief

  • Resilience, freedom and control

Space to Talk

We all know it’s good to talk. So many of our creatives spend their lives performing for other people and neglect their own needs and wellbeing. Many find it difficult to trust other people or institutions and just want a safe space to have a completely confidential conversation about the things that are worrying them or getting in the way of who they are and where they want to go. At The Haven + London we provide a trained Chaplaincy team who are dedicated to being there for creatives who just need some space to talk with someone who gets them, what they do and why they do it.

In common with a hospital chaplain, university or military chaplain; the role of The Haven + London chaplains is to be involved in the provision of holistic care. Whatever creatives want to talk about, our chaplains are trained to provide support without judgement for people who are struggling. Our chaplains support a very diverse range of people spanning all faiths and none. We meet creatives where they are and on their terms.

Professional Counselling

Our professional Counselling team are available to creatives who need more advanced help with their issues than the ‘Space to talk’ sessions our Chaplains provide. We offer professional counselling on a sliding scale based on affordability. We also fundraise to deliver free at point of service Counselling to creatives who greatly need the service but cannot afford to access it. Our Chaplains are trained to recognise when a creative needs professional help.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development events and resources are designed to meet the personal and practical needs of people working in the creative industries. We work with the top trainers and speakers in the UK and internationally across a diverse range of skills and practice that benefit creatives. From dealing with anxiety to managing accounts to personal brand and networking we offer workshops, talks and conferences that make a meaningful difference to creatives.


“We need never be ashamed of our tears.”

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations