With Rev Peterson and Matt Follows

4 February 2021, 6pm


Hope is the antidote to anxiety. Feeling hopeful means you can take control of your life and yourself, feel better right now, and visualise a better future. On Time to Talk Day 2021, Matt Follows, a friend of The Haven+London, will offer a practical guide to hope itself, with concrete actions you can take to increase your feelings of hopefulness right now, and always. Join us at 6pm on 4 February.

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Dealing with the mental health and other effects of this pandemic requires positive action from each of us to protect ourselves, says Matt Fellows, coach and fellow creative. “If you don’t, it is like going into a battlefield with no armour.” But what can we do to improve how we feel in a concrete and sustainable way?

The key, says Matt, is hope. Feeling hopeful reduces feelings of anxiety and allows us to believe in a better future. It will help us get through the day-to-day grind and stress of the pandemic, and enable us to rebuild afterwards. More importantly, Matt has practical tips to help us all feel more hopeful right now and in the future, using one simple life hack.

Using a tool called cardiac coherence, Matt will teach us how to rely upon our intuition and increase feelings of everlasting hopefulness. The tool is increasingly used by the military, police and other front-line workers to help them react well in stressful circumstances. On Time to Talk Day, a focus point for mental health issues, all from The Haven+London’s community are invited to learn more about hope and how to build it in a sustainable way.

Join your fellow creatives on 4 February at 6pm for Matt’s discussion, as well as a talk from Peterson Feital, the founder of The Haven+London, on how to build your own healthy resilience to the stresses and strains of life during a pandemic. Afterwards, chat with your fellow creatives and share experiences or just say hello.

There is no cost to attend or participate, but if you enjoy it and are able to make a donation to support The Haven+London’s work in supporting creatives to reach their creative potential, you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/thehavenlondon


About Matt Follows

For over 25 years, Matt has worked with, led, and now coaches, some of the most well-known and highly respected creative leaders in the world.

Prior to pressure-proofing brains, optimising performance, and face-planting the myths surrounding creative genius, he was a copywriter and CD in London, Amsterdam and Sydney where he helped build and lead world-class creative departments producing multi-aware-winning campaigns for the most innovative super-brands on the planet, including Nike, Honda, Coca Cola, Virgin, Apple and Google.

Today, as well as coaching teams and individuals he’s a trainer and facilitator for companies including Fox, National Geographic, Toyota, Lexus, Bentley and Westfield, where he works with everyone from the CEO to the newest grad.



6pm start

Welcome from Peterson Feital – what is healthy resilience, why is it important, and how can we build it?

6.15 – Building sustainable hope, with Matt Follows

6.45 – break out rooms for group interaction and discussion

7.05 – reshuffle break out rooms if need be

7.30 – end