A community where the creators, thinkers and change-makers of the world can find balance, spiritual strength and the courage to grow.

The vision of the Haven + London is to preserve and nurture the spiritual, emotional, and tangible wellbeing of the thinkers, shapers and makers abiding in the arts and creative industries in Central London.

We currently provide one-to-one pastoral care, networking events, arts and music events, and mentoring in locations in London, and we have a team of professional counselors, therapists and coaches.

Our vision and aim is to provide a physical space, to be a home for The Haven + London’s activities and a place for creativity to flourish. Providing exhibition and events spaces, a chaplaincy team on hand to talk to in confidence, meeting rooms, and places for contemplation, we will use the location for spiritual reflection tailored to artists and creatives, for workshops, and for arts and creative performances.  As a social enterprise/ charity we are seeking partners; individuals, companies and institutions that share our vision and can provide expertise and resources to make this a reality.

Discover yourself, your peers, and how we ‪can support you.

“There is nothing more important than serving and protecting the creativity in the world, and the minds that create it. And when we do that, not only does the emotional world inside their head improve, the world in which they work and perform does too.”

Matt Follows, Head Coach/ Trainer